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A Web Engineer from Málaga, Spain based in London, UK


Avoiding complexity with Compound Components

Over the years, the way we consume and create our React Components have changed considerably. I'm pretty sure, at some point this thought got on your mind when creating a component. I'm going to create this generic component that we will…
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Use media queries with React hooks

Using media queries with React is pretty easy nowadays. There are a lot of solutions out there, but the most popular one is react-media by the ReactTraining people. But today everyone wants to use hooks, so I'm going to show you how to…
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How to break the rules, with conditional hooks

If you have been working with hooks for a while now, you probably know there are some rules around it. One of them is, hooks cannot be conditional or called inside loops, neither inside nested functions. They need to be on the top level…
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Route to Next.js

Tell me this never happen. You have a new idea of project, and then you start coding straight away. You need all sorts of things, Server Side Rendering because you want Google to pick up your content. Also, you want it to be fast, so you…
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useEffect and useLayoutEffect

From React's 16.8 release, there has been quite a change in the way we use to write React components. In this version, the React team introduced Hooks, allowing you to share your component logic and not write a single class anymore. People…
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