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A Web Engineer from Málaga, Spain based in London, UK


Using Google Spreadsheets as an API

Sometimes getting a small side project up and running is difficult. Building your own database, backend and frontend takes a lot of time. I'm going to show you how you can make this journey easier and faster with Google Spreadsheets and its…
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Mocking a Server Error with cypress

When doing cypress end-to-end tests, it is very tempting to only be testing the happy path most of the time. The happy path, is the one we think users will follow , the ideal journey that will take a user from state A to B. But users…
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CSS Box Model

When I do interviews for Frontend positions, I find myself very often asking the same question. Can you tell me what the CSS Box Model is? And most of the time, I get either a wrong answer or a very confusing one. I feel like CSS Box Model…
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Detect color scheme with CSS

Dark and Light modes are becoming increasingly popular. Today, many websites implement a switch that changes the color scheme from a light to a darker one and the other way around. Giving your users this option is very beneficial for…
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Tracking custom events with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the "to go" tool everytime we want to be aware of how many users are browsing our websites today. It's just what we are used to use, and it does its job pretty well. Analytics will show you tons of good metrics like page…
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